At school one day, I had an opportunity to talk to a new friend of mine about God’s amazing love. I was very unsure about myself prior to the conversation, simply because I knew we were headed in the direction of discussing our beliefs. He had heard about how I was involved in music, so our conversation started there. We began to talk, and because I write worship songs, as a result I ended up explaining to him why I live to serve Christ. We had a long conversation—one that was filled with understanding and interest on both sides. He heard every word I said, and was very receptive—more receptive than I was prepared for! About two weeks passed after this conversation, when I got a phone call from another friend at school. She told me the news and I stopped dead in my tracks. He was in a fatal car wreck the night before and died. I couldn’t stop remembering the conversation we had had that day at school, and how particularly interested he was in what I was saying. After that conversation, about a week before his wreck, he told me he had a gift for me. It was a poster of a musician carrying his guitar, obviously looking and walking towards heaven. With all this happening, it was obviously time to write a new song. I was left with an amazing peace after he passed, and I believe that it came from the fact that I obeyed Christ when he wanted me to speak. Just knowing I had shared the gospel so close to his death made me think twice about how willing I should be to share God’s word to everyone, every single day.