No Strings Attached


27 Mar No Strings Attached

Feeling really grateful this morning that relationship (and eternity) with God, the Creator, comes not by priests, prophets, works, rituals, or doing good things, but by faith in Jesus and Jesus alone. I love that we can freely talk to God anywhere, anytime. I love knowing we are fully loved and accepted by Him regardless! I love knowing He has a plan for each of us, a really good plan! All made possible for us through the gift of love Jesus displayed at the cross.
If you’ve been worried about your life, now is the time to take a deep breath and remember how good God has been, how good He is, and how good He will always be despite any mistakes or setbacks you’ve faced recently. He’s got your back! Remember: He dealt with our sin for us so, instead of condemnation, we could receive His FREE gift of life WITH Him. Now and for eternity….with 👉🏽 No. Strings. Attached. Makes me want to dance!!!! annnd write more songs 😃
So here’s my encouragement for you today: put down those weights you’ve picked up and go enjoy that life Jesus gave you! 🙂
PS: Feel free to dance if you so choose 😀
(Verse in picture is 1 Timothy 2:5 NLT)
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