Mendocino Pictures

01 Feb Mendocino Pictures

Mendocino, California is one of the most quaint, beautiful places I have seen. The band and I were all so blessed to meet this community. We did a Saturday night home hang out with some youth, Sunday  morning worship, and a concert that night. We were blessed by a couple incredible families who housed us, fed us, and served us so humbly. We met a bunch of youth who experience a different type of persecution than I have ever experienced, and it humbled my spirit so much. We got to see the ocean and hang out with our new friend Caleb…and on top of all that, got to share the music with them. It was such a neat couple days. Chris (bass player) got some really neat pictures when we first arrived in town, so I wanted to share them. It was our first encounter with the ocean from this coast town. Enjoy! -h

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