6 Weeks, 6 people…and the road.

01 Feb 6 Weeks, 6 people…and the road.

(blog written between driving back home from Colorado and last night before going to bed. edited today. Posted right now.) =) Enjoy!

My longest tour yet, the last 6 weeks of my life have been incredible. We started out on Jan 16th with a week in Western WA, followed by journeying down all the way through California, hitting some great places such as Mendocino on the northern coast of Cali,

Visalia, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Ventura, San Diego…and some more that I am forgetting at the moment..then to Riverside and Las Vegas for a couple radio interviews

and Christian school chapels

and ended the tour this last week in Colorado.

Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Denver, and Evergreen. Now here I am driving back to Washington 6 weeks later wondering where in the world time went, and completely blown away like never before by the literal provision of God in my life the last month and and half.

This tour was inSANE. We left in January uncertain of a few of our bookings falling through on us, which could have been a disaster financially and mentally, but I believed God was calling us to go regardless (which was scary of course), so we continued planning. In short, what looked like the potential of a bunch of weeks with empty dates and one or two here and there (because of the last minute almost fall-though dates), we soon found our schedule filled to the brim and we were suddenly busy in ways we weren’t expecting. It really felt and feels like a modern-day ‘Jesus multiplying the fish and loaves’ type story. We had little to give, but it was extended to literally thousands more people than we ever imagined possible.

I remember leaving for the tour and thinking ‘God, are you sure you want me to go on this? Am I just being prideful and wanting to tour, or are you really calling me out right now? It doesn’t make sense. We call and call and call, but no churches call us back. No one responds to their email. Does anyone even care?’ When suddenly it was like he whispered in my mind to pray about the direction in which I had been focusing my attention. So my question became ‘Are you redirecting me to look somewhere else, God? I believe you ARE calling us out, so what am I missing here? Where should I be looking?’ About as quick as I found myself asking those questions, they were answered.

Many of you know and some of you might not know, but I went to Christian school from K-6th grade. Chapel was something I overlooked the entire time I was at the school, as well as being given the opportunity to have Bible class everyday. Looking back now, I kick myself for how often I wished I wasn’t at the Christian school…and for all the days I didn’t pay attention during chapel or during Bible class–because I can see clear as day NOW how crucial to my life all those opportunities were to have THEN. I felt God nudging me to make a new approach to touring, and call the Christian schools, going in with the approach to share my testimony as a ‘christian school kid’ as well as share a few worship songs and maybe some originals from Tapestry. I look back now after the tour is over, and see how it was literally a gift straight from God going into these schools and meeting the kids and teachers. I quickly realized a connection with them on a deep level (because of my background) that suprised me more than I expected. I didn’t have to guess what they were feeling. I knew it. It was so amazing. Anyway, we spent quite a few days at schools this tour, as well as leading worship for church services and some concerts in between it all. But the point of this paragraph isn’t that we did all those things, it is all in saying that when we thought there could be a disaster waiting to happen (according to our schedule), God provided and blew our minds up with booking and blessings…his love.

A new radio friend of mine told me on this trip “Where God guides, He provides.” Couldn’t be a more perfect description for what we saw the last six weeks!

In all, 10 highlights for me were:

1. Playing at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa after running into Pastor Brian outside after fueling up. Hangin out with Scott, his family, and the worship team was GREAT!

2. Seeing/Being at the beautiful Mendocino coast

3. Every single Christian School chapel we did!

4. Calvary Worship Center

5. Getting to know my band even better

6. Getting an even clearer vision from God for the ministry

7. Learning how to live simple and how much beauty and peace that gives.

8. City Church in Anaheim!

9. Playing with The Ineloquent and with Everfound!

10. Seeing so much beautiful country

11.…and really the list doesn’t end. Everyday held someone/something worth noting. So if you were in it, you are on this list!

All in all..

I found nothing but confirmation that I am where I am right now, and I love it. =) lol. God has put a deep passion on my heart for the church/body of Christ right now, and what it means to put ‘family first’ in all circumstances. Of course ‘God first’, but we can’t forget that the church is his body. I am learning that it is by our love and care for our family, that the world will see Christ. If we don’t love each other, how can we love anyone else? The basis for learning successful outreach, I believe, is learning to care for/love what is already in front of  you and apart OF you…not reaching and grabbing, tugging and pulling for opportunities that are outside of your reach. The things that need to be in our life will be brought into our life by God! In the mean time we should love hard and love well the things in front of us in even this MOMENT that we have been given to love.

Be blessed my friends and family. I am very tired and need to sleep! Love you all so very much!!!

OH–and don’t forget.

“The heart is deceitful above all” Jeremiah 17:9


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