Psalm 23 Testimony

27 Oct Psalm 23 Testimony

Wow. I share this to encourage you, as it has brought me to tears and encouraged me so much. It’s easy to just write a song and move on with life. But every once in a while God will stop me dead in my selfish tracks and show me what a pure gift it is that God chooses to use us for mighty, powerful things…and let’s us receive a big part of the blessing that come from it. Over and over this makes me want to sing and why I wrote “Take Me As I Am”.
Thank you God. You alone be glorified in my life. This is my cry..!!

Now for Psalm 23..
Here is the story that I just received yesterday:

“Your music is changing lives everywhere in the most unexpected of places. I was on a transport to Medical Lake with a patient a couple nights ago (Im an EMT) with a man who was being sent there for a failed suicide attempt. On the long ride over there, I got to talking to him and I played your song ‘Psalm 23’ in the back of the ambulance and he broke down and wept. Right then and there, he gave his life to Jesus. It was the most amazing thing to witness and to see his pure, raw emotion come to the surface. He said your song opened a door to his heart that he never wants closed. I thought I would share this with you – Keep up your amazing works of love with the gift God gave you. God is amazing!”

Be blessed.

In pure Grace (that has given me life and ability),
your sister,


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