Need Some Encouragement?

13 Oct Need Some Encouragement?

Hey everyone…Here is a letter I just got from a good friend of mine who continues to remind me of the blessings we are given on a daily basis. This is really God. Be encouraged! -h

“Today I learned a big lesson, about small things.

You and I both know God cares about us, and we know God is concerned about
the big decisions in our lives. Each day I pray about the usual things in
life, and I sometimes overlook the little things, perhaps not letting it
cross my mind that Jesus would take the time to help me in those small

I went to work this morning without eating any breakfast, and didn’t bring
a lunch. I didn’t have any cash on me so buying lunch was out of the
question. I got to my desk and felt a little down. I of course fast and
stuff, so it’s not like I’ve never gone without eating before… I was
just disappointed.

I had resigned myself to sitting at my desk hungry all day today…

Not even 3 hours later, a guy from Church called me and said he was
stopping at my work today to drop off a computer to fix. When he got here,
he handed me the PC, and then handed me a big ziplock bag of food. He then
told me “Ok don’t laugh at me, but God told me to give you this…”

Lunch #1

I went into work, really happy, and quite humbled by the fact that God
would move on someone’s heart because I was hungry. Then I was sitting at
my desk, with a lunch right in front of me, when the girl from the office
next door to mine comes over and says “Pete I made country-fried steak and
mashed potatoes last night, and I brought in left-overs for lunch today. I
went out to lunch with Heather anyway, so do you want the lunch I brought

Lunch #2

So then I’m sitting after with 2 good lunches, and then a friend of mine
txt’d me and asked me to stop by their work for something on my break
today. I went over to the place, and THEY said “hey want something to eat?
It’s on our company… What would you like?” and THEY gave me lunch.

Lunch #3

I’m still sitting here at my desk, feeling like I don’t deserve how much
God loves me. I can’t fathom that He’d show Himself strong and mighty in a
simple matter like my lunch! I’m humbled so much that I don’t even know
what to say… God provided me with 3 lunches just to show me that He is
going to take care of me. It almost brings a tear to my eye to think how
much Jesus really cares for our well being.

I hope this story brings you some comfort in your life where all the big
things are happening so fast. Keep on living for God with everything
you’ve got in you and He’ll take of you Holly.

God Bless you.

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