Late-night thoughts on LOVE.

23 May Late-night thoughts on LOVE.

Have you ever really thought about that four-letter word we know so well? L-O-V-E ?

In conversation today with one of my dearest friends, she said something that arouse my spirit in such a beautiful way…

“God is love…that’s WHO He is…it’s his character. His essence. His definition. His natural way. He doesn’t love me because I deserve it, but simply because that is WHO HE IS. He doesn’t know not to love me..because that’s his ‘DNA’… ”

How much/how often do I honestly stress knowing what Love really is? I tend to believe I can grasp it..and from there move on to studying theology and “deeper” issues within belief/religion. But truthfully, as I have been contemplating and chewing on this, I am humbled to see how much I see how I would rather & have rather desired to understand my struggles and sins more than I have desired to seek Love. I have tended to pursue knowledge about God and Jesus rather than seeking to know what they ARE(Love) in essense… Does that make sense??

I am beginning to see how much I CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to understand or begin to comprehend the “deeper” issues of faith if I cannot even understand the heartbeat/lifeblood/’DNA’ of the One who wrote the “deeper” matters. I must scrape away all the knowledge I feel like I have attained and start over with Love again. Love. What is it? How does that change everything? A God who only knows to Love…

That changes everything I go through.

“How deep the Father’s love for VAST beyond all measure..”

I’ve got to begin again a new search.. A new pursuit. The pursuit of God’s essence…love. All else that i seek (knowledge, understanding of issues/problems/situations i don’t understand) I can only conclude that it has been my pride to understand whats happening, rather than trusting his essence, & letting Love interprets the situation.


…so much to think about. Night!


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