Timeout! BRB (be right back) ! =)

19 Mar Timeout! BRB (be right back) ! =)

I’m not done with my Israel blogs, promise! I am in the middle of creating a video for you guys to watch as a recap of the trip in it’s entirety, and it is taking me some time. Please hang in there with me, I will let you know as soon as I get it finished. =) I think I took a total of 400 videos while in Israel, (oops?) so I’m trying to make the vid a recap that is thorough but not 3 days long to watch =)

Thanks for being so patient, everyone. It’s huge for me to be able to share this trip with you, so I don’t want to leave anything out that had a part in changing my life. If I haven’t said this yet…lol…Israel changed my life.


Thank you, Father.


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