In the Lobby w/ My Mommy… (from Nashville) !

31 Mar In the Lobby w/ My Mommy… (from Nashville) !

It is relatively late over here in Nashville, depending on who you are I…but I’m waiting in the hotel lobby for my mom to finish printing off our plane tickets to head for home in Quincy tomorrow. SO… I thought I’d pop in and leave a little update about this week in Nashville and what’s been happening since I got home from Israel.

First of all…my life has changed.

Second of all…within what I first said…of those changes has come a passion for a place I cannot understand. Israel. A heads up–don’t be suprised if I, on random occasion, bring up Israel in my updates. I can’t tell you what I feel in my heart and mind about that place. All I seem to want to do now is think about Israel. Please pray for me for that! I am kinda clueless at this point what it all means..but I definitely left a huge piece of my heart there, and it feels like I am so far away from it. I don’t know what God intends to come from it all…but it’s okay…because He keeps reminding me that sometimes (a lot of times) it’s better for me to just be patient and wait for the understanding, than try to figure out what’s happening according to my emotional desire to understand.


This week in Nashville, I spent recording the vocals for the new project/album that will be coming out, Lord-willing, this year. Release date and all-that-jazz will be announced at a later date. All I can say, is that deep change has not only occurred in my spiritual life, but that the music God has been giving me to write has been growing as well, and with that, change is just around the corner. I really ask for your prayer for this time in my ministry/career, as vision and planning is beginning for the next phase.

God has placed some incredible people in my path recently, and I am very thankful and excited to bring them on-board to help my family and I make wise decisions for the next steps in the music world. What I have learned through all this…is truly, truly. Like He says in the Word–>God provides, my friends…don’t worry. If He is asking, just trust and obey. He will equip you.

Something Mom has always told me that has been very profound to me throughout this entirely sudden change in my life, is this:

“It’s something like this, Holly…God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.”

Love you all much more than you know.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own  understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5,6

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