Back from Israel! (Part 2)

13 Mar Back from Israel! (Part 2)

Yesterday, shortly after writing the last blog, I took off to get my wisdom teeth pulled…and by 6pm I was out for the entirety of the night, until 6:30a.m. this morning. So far so good…just very tired. But like I said, now I have some time to update more from my trip last week! Yay!

So, to the greatest week of my life thus far…it started out like this.

Lots of time in Jersey Airport.. =) 7.5 hrs to be exact. lol

off to Tel Aviv!

Off to Tel Aviv, Israel!

How GREAT is our God!

And this was just the beginning..

After a very LONG day traveling from Seattle, to Newark, to Tel Aviv..we made it to our destination. Israel. Although by the time we got there it would have been mid-day our time back home in WA, we had no problem falling asleep at the new sunset. =) At this point, jet lag was not a problem =)

Tel Aviv. Night no. 1 in Israel.

After a quick night in Tel Aviv, we headed straight for the Galilee area (Sea of Galilee=where Jesus walked on water. The Galilee area is where He spent a majority of his time here on earth). Before we left for Galilee however, we had to shoot a couple pictures of the Mediterranean Sea. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It was right out to the left of the above picture. However, it was too dark to get in the shot at night.

Speaks for itself...

Mediterranean Sea!

On the Mediterranean with 2 of my closest friends. Oscar and Lyndsay =)

The hotel in Tel Aviv, and our BUS! =)

After a quick but thoroughly enjoyed time in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, we took off to Galilee. After going back through an email I wrote to my family that night, I thought it’d be fun and appropriate to share… The excitement of reading the email after getting home put me right back in Galilee. I tried to stay off the internet as much as possible so I could take it all in..but what can I say!? When the family isn’t with me on probably the most important trip of my life, it’s hard not to fill them in on what’s going on. Here’s what I said:

“Mom, Dad, Camille, Clark, and Luke!!

We just got to our hotel on the Sea of Galilee, about to have dinner. I am very well adjusted already to the time-schedule. I think it is because of the plane ride that was at a crazy time of day that it was easy to get adjusted and fall asleep. It has been very busy. We have a tour guide that is crazy fun.. lol! (his name is Abraham) 😉  Wow.. so much. We went to Capernum today…where Jesus basically lived while on earth…

(click pictures to enlarge)

The Town of Jesus

(the synagague(above)sits atop the synagague of Jesus time, however the foundation is the original). This stands directly next to where they lowered the paralytic man through the roof (see picture about in Mark chapter 2). The man needed healing and it was too crowded around him to come to Jesus through the door. It was also the place where Jesus healed the lady with the bleeding issue(Matthew 9:20), and where he raised the King’s daughter back to life(Matthew 9:18) !

so cool. it was amazing. We stayed on the Mediterranean Sea last night, it was beautiful!! The weather is soo nice.. the land is SO beautiful…very green. all the cities are on top the hills, and all the valley’s are saved for farming. it’s so backwards to where we live (aka..wenatchee VALLEY, quincy VALLEY, cashmere VALLEY… we build in the valleys..they save the valleys for farming and agriculture. SO cool.) I led worship twice today, it was so amazing. First time on Mt. Preciptous (not sure how to spell it) it overlooked Nazareth! (Can’t find pics =(…)

The 2nd time i led worship on Mount Arbel overlooking the Sea of Galilee and Migdal (where Mary Magdalene lived). IT WAS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

From the top of Mt. Arbel. Overlooking the Sea of Galilee and Migdol.

Migdol, Home of Mary Magdalene

Tree on top of Mt. Arbel (the Mount believed to be where Jesus was praying before going down and walking on water)

Leading worship from Mt. Arbel

So much… it’s crazy. i don’t even know what to think. Dad i am taking your advice like you gave me in just take it all in and wait until later to try and figure it all out..WE ALSO WENT TO TEL MEGIDO! AKA ARMAGEDDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOSH it was beautiful!!! wow….talk about crazy. it is so peaceful here. so peaceful.

Tel Megido!

A real MANGER found in Tel Megido! AKA what Jesus was laid in as a baby!

maaaaannnn….. so good. I miss you guys and wish you were here so bad…

anyway….i should probably go. just wanted to update you all. barb and anthony and i are going to talk tonight to their friend Lindy about finding Solange (Grandma Starr’s sister who lives in Israel). I will let you know what happens. We have internet for free for the next 4 days, however i won’t be on it until the evenings and mornings here. it’s 6:04pm now. Love you guys. There is definitely something special about this place.


Well…that’s enough for tonight. Part 3 coming asap. =)

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