Back from Israel! (Part 1)

12 Mar Back from Israel! (Part 1)

Well, I would like to start where I left off in my last blog, where I told you a little about my Grandma Starr’s history. I told you that I was hoping to meet up with some of her long lost (it’s been 60 years since she has seen or talked to some of them) siblings that migrated to Israel after she moved from Morocco to the U.S. as an 18 yr old. So to make a very long, extensive story as short as possible =)… through God’s goodness, I was able to meet some of them!!! Not only was that one of the most incredible experiences in my life, but to summarize the entire trip, it was like this: Before I left, I was HOPING to meet just one of her siblings…but by God’s grace and love, I ended up meeting THREE, as well as SEVEN cousins, aunts, and uncles! Every day in Israel was just like that. More than a double blessing. Places we saw, people we met…it all EXCEEDED our expectations. Truly.

To keep the blog entries a little easier to track with, and easier to digest (for my sake and yours), I have decided to do a mulitple blog entry recap of the 10 days I was gone. There is just so much that I am still trying to chew on, that I would not do myself or you justice by trying to sum it all up today. I will try and add a few pics everyday here on my blog site, and a few videos on Facebook as well, over the next week. If you haven’t heard already, today in about 3 hours I am heading out to get my wisdom teeth pulled (yuuucckk!)…therefore I will be couching it for a few days. Unless I can’t think straight, Lord-willing I plan on spending time praying, studying, and organizing my thoughts to share with you all.

Back with more soon! Enjoy the pictures!


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