What it was like to sing at CREATION FESTIVAL

10 Aug What it was like to sing at CREATION FESTIVAL

Creation Festival NW 2009…. July 23rd.
That will always be the day I remember as THE day that I first
handedly recognized the POWER and protection of prayer.

Playing at Creation was in fact a time that I “accomplished my
childhood dream”.. It really was. But accomplishing a dream.. What is
that? What does it really mean?

There were several wonderful volunteer people back stage all week who
drove artists around from place to place–from stage to stage or to
and from interviews (it was pretty fun…) 😉 One guy in particular,
though, really took an opportunity to invest in my life. He shared a
story with me about an opportunity he had to climb Mt. Hood! (BTW..he
is going take my bro and I rock climbing! I cannot wait!!!) He and his
experienced climbing buddies went on this climb, and soon realized
they were not going to reach the top because of weather. His buddies
were so upset. Their outlook of the trip was not positive–because
they didn’t reach the “goal”. Jerry (my new friend) told me what
amazed him, though, was that his outlook of the trip would always be
completley opposite from theirs. Being his first time climbing, he was
still stoked after the “unsuccessful” trip up the mountain. His
•journey• was enjoyable the entire time. Jerry said that everyone
else was so focused on the destination that they missed out completely
on the journey they had just been on…

From this conversation, as well as the question everyone keeps
asking..”What’s NEXT, Holly?.. What are you aiming for now?”.. From
these two occurrances in my life this last weekend, I started to
realize truly what it means to remember to enjoy the journey. To stop
the normality of planning your future. Planning your goals…

I am merely human! My mind and imagination.. My desires and passions..
Are SO WEAK and lame next to God’s ability to create and plan my life.
There is no way I could have created something as majestic as the
mountains. Something as clear as glass… The WORD of GOD says, “do
not worry about tomorrow..” Now I don’t know about you, but if GOD is
telling me that, I think it is best. I think I should listen 😉
He is all about being thankful daily– all about the DAILY-ness of
life. So why do we always spend soo much time thinking about where it
is we are going? Or where it is we haven’t made it to? EVERY DAY is a
gift. I’m in the process of learning to embrace it.

God has allowed me many “successes” this year. Many more than I could
ever have asked for or dreamt of, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
I honestly feel like living with my face in the dirt, crying at the
feet of Jesus, because I KNOW who I am. I am a SINNER. I am NOT
deserving of the things He has given me. Not at all. I have my own
struggles and hate them. They make me feel so miserable!! You know
what I mean? It is FRUSTRATING!!! But God keeps on giving!! He really
does! He keeps giving me another day and another song and another
chance to sing and walk and eat and talk.. A home. Family. FOOD.

Creation Festival for me this year was exactly that. Something I don’t
deserve, but because God loves
His children, He just disreguards, completely forgets, and forgives us
of the wrongs we always commit.. He just keeps expressing His love to
us by DAILY giving us what we need, and some!!

I don’t want to get trapped focusing on what I don’t have.. Or where
I haven’t gone or can’t do.. Because- TODAY He is blessing me. TODAY
He is trying to show me how much he loves me, and I do NOT want to
miss it.

Creation was perhaps the greatest weekend of my entire life. Meeting
Chris Tomlin and telling him, as tears flooded my eyes, the HUGE
influence and blessing He has been in my LIFE was incredible. Words
cannot describe how I felt when he told me that he had just finished
reading about me in the Shine newspaper article as I introduced
myself.. Words cannot describe what it feels like being on the
“artist” docket for Creation 2009 and not just a girl dreaming about
it. Words cannot describe what it felt like to be blessed by Harry
Thomas and the entire Creation Festival crew and volunteers. (BOB LENZ
and Life! Promotions) Words cannot describe what it felt like to know
that my hometown community supports what I am doing and truly
encourage me. And not the last, but for this blog, words CANNOT
describe what it was like to sing on the mainstage at the Gorge
Ampetheater, looking out and seeing friends, family, teachers, and all
the new faces who where truly interested in the message God has laid
on my heart. It definitely was my most favorite time of sharing that I
have ever had, even with only 2 songs! It ROCKED!!
What I am truly meaning to say, however, is that this is what we get
everyday. Not only on main stage experiences!

This really was of the greatest moments in my life, if not thee
greatest. But what God has shown me is that not only was His blessing
“GREAT” last week, his blessings on our lives are GREAT every DAY!!!
EVERY SINGLE DAY!! “His mercies are new EVERY morning..” I know I have
spent many many days thinking about where I am going and what “goals”
I have. I have wasted many days worrying about how I’m going to get
there! So I’m learning now that truly– the blessing I felt and
experienced at Creation ’09 was, yes, amazing… BUT.. It is just like
that every single day in the life of a child of God. No, not everyday
is an incredible opportunity to play at Creation Festival.. But YES–
in every way He has blessed us. No blessing is greater than another.
Some feel different, some look different. But in all things, Christ IS
the same. Today I need to be looking out for the blessings He has
given me so I don’t miss them. So I don’t miss out on the beauiful
love language my Father is trying to show me. TODAY. I am learning to
focus on TODAY. Please join me– to miss out makes me feel so blah and
out of the loop. Will you? I do not know where I’m going next year. I
do not know what I see in the future. I don’t know. At the pit of me I
don’t care to know because there is too much going on inside of today.
Will you choose to not figure out your future with me? It is a scary
step, but NOT a bit when you know that the master of the universe
holds you in His hand.

In His Grace always,

Chris Tomlin and I yesterday!! What a blessing he has been in my life!!!!!

“Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and GLORIFY GOD!” (this is last night the candle lighting service after Chris was done.. 22,000 candles burning.
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