This morning. New Life Christian School. Yesterday. It was amazing.

22 Apr This morning. New Life Christian School. Yesterday. It was amazing.


First of all, yesterday I had the opportunity to play at the Pig Out in the Park in Wenatchee, Washinton for the Wenatchee Crisis Center. It was a great day!!! The weather is incredible over here right now..I love it. Today’s a little windy, but the past two days have been spectacular!!

After I got done with the Pig Out in the Park at Memorial Park, I got a phone call from a great friend of my family’s, and she asked if I would come over to New Life Christian School in Ephrata this morning and do chapel for them–due to a cancellation from their scheduled speaker. Many of you don’t know this, but I grew up at New Life. It is a small school (100 kids pre-12th grade).. I love that place. Anyway, I haven’t even been in the school in the last few years simply because of life–but my heart truly is there. I agreed to come to the school this morning, and man–it was an incredible blessing to go back. When I was young, I took advantage of that place. I didn’t realize how good I had it–to be in a school where I could ask literally any question…a school where I was surrounded by men and women filled with wisdom only given by Christ. These things I have missed in the public school system. Yeah, it was tiny..but let me tell you–I learned some of my most valuable life lessons going to that school. One of the greatest lessons I learned was perhaps the ability to get over things quickly. Because there was only ever about 12 people in my class (only about 4 girls at a time..haha), I truly became accustomed to a sense of family. I had to learn from the start that arguing with people will not get me anywhere. We only had eachother-the same 12 people-for a number of years, so we HAD to learn to be okay with each other’s qualities 🙂 I love that there are more people at our public school. It has been more than AWESOME! But there are so many times I notice friendships brake because of a lack in communication. It is ridiculous. I know that happens at every high mine is not exclusive, as you know. What is missing, however, is this sense of forgiveness. The many people make is easy sometimes to just get rid of one friend and pass on to another–but that only creates distance between you and someone else, for perhaps the rest of your life. No one tries for forgiveness. It appears to be too hard. IT IS NOT!
Anyway, coming from New Life I had this incredible sense of keeping my friends. Working through problems…
So I was reminded of this lesson when I was there this morning. Seeing all the little kids buzzing around with huge grins from ear to ear running around the school–helping me unpack my gear…it was beautiful.
The high school at New Life has about 12 kids total (9th-12th grade) and I got to hang out in their classroom for a bit today! Things have definitely changed since I have been there..but the love and joy was still spewing from that small classroom.

All in all, I am so grateful for my childhood school, and sharing a few songs with them this morning was huge. Definitely up there with the big shows. The atmosphere was beautiful. The people were even more. I can’t say always that the bigger the show, the more impactful it is. This one was such a blessing…

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