Recap:: BOB LENZ @ QHS!!! :)

29 Apr Recap:: BOB LENZ @ QHS!!! :)

Quincy High School is so great.

I love the fact that I live here. I love the people, I love the school, I love the dry, flat land (although surrounded by beautiful mountains about a 1/2 hour away)..I even love that my closest neighbor lives 2miles away(my grandparents!), and I can see their house from my backyard. It is extremely quiet–to some it is scary, to others, like myself–it is the most incredible sense of peace and relaxation.

This Monday was so incredible. The business of the day didn’t start until after God reminded me through the Word once again that His GRACE is sufficient for me**–that what He has done in my life is nothing I have done…but it is His work and what He has given me by His grace– A gift we do not not not not not not deserve–EVER—but He does anyway! He takes what we see as finite, as frail, weak, useless…and uses it for His grand purposes. My successes are not my own. I have done nothing. He has total control of them, it is only my duty to submit to His plan…to submit and understand that I cannot and will not ever do anything worthy of His attention. I AM BROKEN. and HE KNOWS THAT but wants to use me anyway!!!

So back to Monday.
I woke up, was reminded that I’m not good enough–
Sounds like a peachy mornin’ eh? 🙂
It was actually incredible.
To know that my brokenness is going to be used  just as much as the times of life that I feel “whole” lol…is a great understanding. It evens out the playing field…so to speak.
So the rest of the day I rested– 🙂

The assembly at school was great! It started at 1:30 in the gym with band NoonDaySun, then Bob Lenz had a great talk with us about choices, and how we need to guard our choices. The evening was my favorite, however. Partly because I didn’t get to sing during the day assembly! haha…(what can I say..I kinda like to sing…lol) But mainly the evening was so special to me because this was the part of the day where we got to talk about the most Amazing ever. My brother, Luke and a group of kids from my home church did a lyrical dance to the song “Set Me Free” by Casting Crowns that just about had the entire gym filled with tears. I know I was feeling it. Chills ALL over the place, and an applause that did not want to end. If you were not able to come on Monday, they will be performing the dance tomorrow for the National Day of Prayer in Wenatchee, Wa, at around 6PM at Memorial Park as a part of the concert I will be putting on after the prayer service.
If you are over on the coast, (Seattle area) we are planning to be together again on Saturday night, May 30th at New Life Bible Church in Kenmore, WA, for their kick-off Saturday evening church service. You don’t want to miss this!!
After the dance was intermission, then I followed the intermission, and free pizza followed that! 🙂

All in all, it was a highly successful evening. I know a life was changed, and for that, every detail and part of the grueling process of planning for the night was worth it.
NoonDaySun and Bob Lenz are beautiful people who I was blessed to have with us. The dance team was incredible, and I was able to share my heart with the people who I love SO MUCH–my community, friends, family, and most importantly my senior classmates.

Special thanks goes out to the kids who helped unload and set up in the gym..!! THANK YOU! We were cramming for time!
Thank you to QHS staff for allowing the assembly during school..
Thank you to the dance team, Bob, and NDS!
and..A VERY SPECIAL thank you to those of you who attended on Monday night. Thank you for taking time to come support! I had so much fun with you all, and would do it again today if I could!!
Thank you as well to those of you who talked with me after the concert. You all have a beautiful heart, and I was honored to listen and share in what you are learning, going through, struggling with, or excited about! Thank you for blessing me. That part of the night is always my favorite!!

Again, God is good. He was there on Monday. I know a life was changed, therefore–God won.

Enjoy the beautiful day that the Lord has made!!

**2 Corinthians 12:9

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