The “I Love You Anyway” music video!

31 Mar The “I Love You Anyway” music video!

so you are probably wondering…what DAY will this thing be released!?

if you have read any of my other previous blogs about the video, you already know this…

BUT–basically i am waiting for spring break to get out this week so i can go to my high school and talk with my principal about having the debut at school before i have the online release. you all will be able to see the release online the same day that i release it at the school, so you won’t miss out on anything! i just really would like to share it with my hometown friends and classmates first, because they have been huge in my life as far as supporting me and the craziness being in the music industry creates.

so please bare with me, i will let you all know which day it will be release as soon as i know! it WILL be soon, however!

until then, i would really appreciate it if you would, to copy and paste the banner link that i have posted to my profile, to your profile, to help me get the people informed that it is almost out!!

thank you all so much!

have a splendid evening! 🙂

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