opening for Rush of Fools rEcAp..! (then off to Nashville!)

19 Mar opening for Rush of Fools rEcAp..! (then off to Nashville!)

oh hello 🙂

So, I had another crazy week! I’m gonna start with Friday’s Track10 showcase in Monroe, which was a blast!! I met some awesome artists there, who forever will be friends of mine (Laura McGreevy, Tayla, Nathan Arnold Band, and Reggie Dabbs). Thank you Track10 for providing the showcase to bring us together. We had a blast and are so thankful for all that you provided that night!! Bringing family together is always a good time.

Sunday rolled around pretty quick, as opening for Rush of Fools is nothing short of significant 😉 Then when Wednesday turned up, I found myself super excited for another day with the Fools…

Unfortunately in the middle of it all…somewhere I decided to get sick…(?)
but all in all, I had SO MUCH FUUUNNN!!!! 😀

If you haven’t heard of or checked out Rush of Fools, please, please take a sec to go listen to their music and read some blogs! They are in my top friends waiting for your mouse to cliiick to their page…

These guys are just awesome. seriously—wow. Go listen. Unfortunately you can’t have a personal conversation with them through the songs, which is more exactly why I respect these men of faith, but you can definitely get an accurate taste of their hearts…
—–to say I was blessed to join up with them this week is an understatement…by far.

Anyway, a very special shout out to Wenatchee Valley Praise Center and their youth group for providing all the help and the wonderful building! it was PACKED OUT!!! (so so so much fun…) We were way over occupancy……but it was great!!!! and HoT!

Another thank you to all who attended. THANK YOU for supporting the Christian musicians who come through our area. It was a blessing for me to have Rush of Fools stop in, and I know that they had a blast with you all as well!
So Monday I am off to Nashville for the CIA Summit and the Momentum Awards…so until then, I am going to be getting ready and spending time with family. I should probably do homework, too 😀
I will try to keep you guys updated throughout the week as far as what is happening at the summit, so stay tuned! 😀

Thursday and Friday I will be performing at a couple showcases down there, so I am already excited to let you know how that goes!

Let me know if I am leaving anything out..
I am going to go post some PiCtUrEs from yesterdays show now…so I gotta jet…

Hope you all are enjoying your blessings!!! 😉

–now go see RUSH OF FOOLS!


love you all.

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