Home sweet home…

02 Mar Home sweet home…

So I’m home now…back in the good ol’ state-a-Washington.
Super glad to see my family–super sad to leave the many awesome people in Wisconsin…

I’ll tell you–if you’ve never been there–it is AWESOME! yes, there is great cheese in that state–and in my opinion, it is an absolutely beautiful place.

I had this preconception that I would not like the inner-than-washington-and-coast-land states…but I was wrong. I had always though my minor claustrophobia might set in…but it was quite the opposite!
It boggled my mind when I got there! I was in Appleton, a much larger city than Quincy (lol)..but felt like I had a lot more room! (for those of you who don’t know, Quincy is a farming community–very, very flat..and very dry. It’s on the opposite side of the mountains from Seattle, where everything is wet (and has lotsa trees..)..)
ANYWAY…i came to the genius conclusion that Wisconsin was awesome, because it was flat (like home), and felt extra spacious–because there were NO MOUNTAINS anywhere. not even hills. WEIRD! 😛 Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with the beauty of the mountains/hills and cliffs in Washington…There is just something really refreshing about seeing bare land connect to the sky… 😀 it was awesome..

So…now that i’m done rambling about that! (sry…)

I had a great trip home. Much more relaxing than the trip over. I met a very nice lady and man on the plane from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle– the man and his family were headed to Hawaii (!) and I got to chat with him for a while (until i fell asleep, of course…) about his job in the ice cream industry!!! mmmmmm…… 😛

The lady was awesome, too. I actually talked with her first, because she ended up trading my mom chairs so we could sit by eachother, instead of 20 rows away… but anyway she was really sweet. Her son is in Kuait(sp?)…so please pray for her, and her son’s safety most definitely…Thank you for serving!

As far as the wrapping up of the music video, it sounds like it should be done in later May. Of course that is subject to change! I will let you all know as soon as I can when it will be available. Trust me, I’m anxious to see it! 😀

But yes–the video is done being recorded, and overall it was an amazing experience that I am so grateful for. I had a wonderful opportunity to be blessed by many people in Wisconsin, and hope that I was able to give to them all at least a tiny bit of what they all gave to me.

Thank you so much if you were involved in the video in any way. It was a great pleasure to be there with you all!

If you were back in Washington or elsewhere, rock on 😀 We’ll all wait patiently for the video. I am hoping to have a video release concert in Washinton sometime, so please hang tight!!

Please, feel free to shoot me any questions about the trip you may have…I don’t know how many times I can say that it was awesome before you get burnt out. Sometimes words just don’t help…!

Have a splendid evening!!


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