FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR NOMINATION!! :) (and some QHS basketball) :D

11 Mar FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR NOMINATION!! :) (and some QHS basketball) :D

Recently I received an email from the Indieheaven President, Keith Mohr. He informed me of the nomination I have just received for the 2009 Momentum Awards, which will take place at the CIA Summit in Nashville at the end of the month.

I was awarded nomination as the 2009 Female Artist of the Year!! 😀

So…I will be taking off to Nashville, TN, on the 23rd of this month! My first trip to music city..! I’m super excited 😀

I was also blessed with the opportunity to perform at a showcase for Indieheaven, which will be on Friday I believe.

As I travel around, keep checkin back if you would like—I will be posting blogs about where I am and what I am doing as much as possible!

Right now I am in Yakima with my brother, Luke, and the QHS Basketball team…they made it to the 2A  STATE TOURNAMENT! (they actually are district CHAMPS! ) whoo hoo!! 😀 😀 (i’m super proud…of my brother and our team…they are awesome guys.) Anyhow, I think I am going to sing the National Anthem tomorrow morning for their game…

Well..have a great day everybody…

Enjoy your blessings–

PS–FRIDAY i will be in MONROE at Rock Church, 7PM for the Track10 Showcase 😀
If possible, I would love to see you there!

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