Day 5 & 6..! Safe from Tornado! haha :D

29 Mar Day 5 & 6..! Safe from Tornado! haha :D

I am in the car right now, breathing very deeply! ☺ the air is much more dry in Washington, and it feels pretty good… ! It’s not too bad in Nashville, I really didn’t notice the humidity a whole lot in Nashville until I got off the airport in Seattle..

I have great news!
We made it through the TORNADO! ☺
It was pretty crazy..we got kicked out of the summit because of the tornado! Fortunately we were able to return not long after, but it was my first tornado experience, so I was slightly nervous, but also slightly really EXCITED!!! Hehe..

Anyway, yesterday was the CIA Summit Momentum Awards Ceremony of which I was nominated for Female Artist of the Year. It was such a wonderful opportunity and blessing to be nominated!! I was not picked for the award, but am very blessed and grateful for the opportunity to have been placed on the ballot next to the artists I was. Thank you’s go out to Keith Mohr and Indieheaven, the CIA Summit and all the people who were involved in helping Keith in any way. Also, a special thank you to all the artists who played in the showcases! Hearing music from lots of different indie artists was so much fun!!

Friday I played in the concert showcase after Bryan Duncan, which was really fun. I was able to play a short acoustic set, and had a great time. It was such an honor to share the stage with Bryan and the NehoSoul Band…..

I will be putting up pictures very soon! Stay tuned 😉

Today has been a long day…I am exhausted. Because of weather, we missed our 2nd flight from Chicago to Seattle… only to find out that the plane we had to wait to get on, in exchange for the missed flight, had problems with it’s right wing!! They told us basically we just had to wait to see what happens. So we were looking at a good day of hangin in the Chicago airport. Not a terrible place, but I really would rather have not.
Thankfully they found us an entirely new plane, and got to come home today ☺

So that’s enough about this week…I hope I didn’t leave anything out!

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