Day 2 has been completed. from grease to thugs..! :D

24 Mar Day 2 has been completed. from grease to thugs..! :D

HeLLo friends!! 😀

I want to keep these somewhat short…so you don’t have to read too much.. (lol…we’ll see how good I actually do at that…) 🙂

The Quick Breakdown of March 24th
(in 19 points!) lol

1. woke up
2. tried to eat continental free breakfast, lol, but it was closed
3. went next door to the Waffle House…
4. Left because it looked too greasy
5. drove until we saw a CRACKER BARREL!! mmmm….(a restaurant in the south…we totally are missing out in Washington..)
6. ate
7. left
8. drove down to Franklin and met with JOHN MAYS!! I love this guy…seriously…he has been such a blessing in my life, and I truly value the time I had to spend with him today.
9. left Franklin
10. went to meet with DAVE CLARK!! and had some dinner 😀 He has also been a HUGE blessing to me! man, God is so awesome…(everyone needs a Dave and John friend in their life, is what I am trying to say…)
11. went to the airport
12. Picked up Sean who is going to play the guitar for me this week
13. drove to the hotel
14. didn’t stay because we all wanted ice-cream
15. ended up somewhere where all the houses and buildings were barred up…… was all the fault of this GPS thing we carry around. it was NOT taking us to ice cream..I really think technology has a mind of it’s own..and really has this plot to, um, well, excommunicate me from this world… lol
Don’t worry. Sean jumped out and took care of all the thugs. We had plenty of hairspray.
16. gave in and somehow figured out a way to get back to the hotel.
17. settled for popcorn, again.
18. and diet pepsi.
19. now here i am, writing this blog….. 😀

Have a wonderful night! Today was awesome… talk to you all tomorrow after I go to a songwriter’s conference!

ps..i gotta drive downtown Nashville for the first time, too, today…it was AWESOME! I’ll put some pics up when I get home. I forgot the chord for the camera 🙁

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