Thank you AMF Radio for the Review! (read it here!)

10 Feb Thank you AMF Radio for the Review! (read it here!)

One of many blessings I have received as a result of opening for LeAnn Rimes on Jan 29th is this review. A special thanks is extended to the AMF Radio Show! You guys are awesome! Reading this review meant more than words can describe. You all are wonderul people, and I was so blessed to meet you at the show. Thank you so much.

“Here at the AMF Radio Show we would love to take a
moment of your time and share with you an amazing and inspiring young
Christian artist, Holly Starr. We had the honor of contacting Holly
through, a network for Northwest Christian artists. From
the moment we first heard Holly’s songs we knew we had to have her as
one of our “Featured Artists”. We were immediately drawn to the passion
that Holly expresses in her lyrics; her writing has a quality of a
seasoned song writer and the maturity of someone who has walked with
God for a very long time.

were very honored to see Holly Starr open for LeAnn Rimes at a recent
concert in Wenatchee Washington. From the moment that Holly took to the
stage she walked on with the confidence and grace of a seasoned pro.
She grabbed hold of the audience with the first song and kept them
wanting more. With the opening song “Knocking” Holly and the band said
“Here we are!” and the packed house loved every moment. The band was
tight and well-rehearsed and performed like a well oiled machine. So
many young bands have the glitches and tuning stalls and other problems
and seem to need to grow to fit the big stage, but not this group of
young performers; they are ready right out of the box for the big
shows. Holly’s stage presence is full of energy and exciting. She has a
very playful spirit as she performs the up-tempo songs, yet will grab
at your heartstrings with the lovely ballad “I love you anyway”. Holly
has no problem talking to the crowd and gets them interested in the
song and expresses her heart and her love of Jesus as she touches you
with her voice. Holly will knock you out when she lifts her voice on
the high note. In fact, her voice seems to get even better (if that is
possible) the harder she pushes it. Holly and the band closed the show
with the up tempo song “Majestic” and the whole place was alive!

We feel though that Holly really sparkles after the show, when she
comes out to spend time with her fans, talking, smiling for pictures,
giving hugs to little girls, and showing everyone the light of Christ
that is inside her. Holly is truly a blessing to the world of Christian
music and to the world we live in. We know that Holly is doing all that
she does for Jesus. She is a blessing, an inspiration, and a wonderful

We are happy and honored to support Holly Starr and her band in any way that we can.”

Catch the AMF Radio Show each Mondays at 3pm on KOMW radio 680 in Omak, Washington.
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