Christ Church/ Federal Way Dec 20th show update!

22 Dec Christ Church/ Federal Way Dec 20th show update!

The show in Federal Way at Christ Church this last weekend (scheduled for Saturday, the 20th) was canceled. Mom and I drove over the pass in anticipation for getting another opportunity to share the music God has placed in my heart, only to find out Saturday about 2 hours before the show, that there wasn’t going to be a show (due to safety from road conditions–deep snow on Seattle roads–I don’t think they have many plows…it was crazy). Of course I was greatly disappointed–but keep reading…

So I started out the first couple days very interestingly. I left my phone charger at home, so my phone went completely dead the 2nd day, and Mom’s phone wouldn’t ring or receive anything but phone messages! SO…basically our connection to life at home or anywhere else other than Federal Way was cut off. I don’t know about you all, but when my phone isn’t working, I see it as one of the greatest blessings, sometimes. I was able to slow down from keeping up with people, and focus on what God wanted from me for this weekend, and I was able to embrace the fact that my phone wasn’t working! Our generation is so technologically dependent, I wish we would all, for one week, just give up our phones, internet, and TV, and see how it affects life.
Real, live, communication would definitely increase! How cool.. lol
ANYWAY! (tangent..)

I was able to in turn spend the weekend with Pastor Gene Hunt and his wonderful family and friends from Christ Church, which was perhaps one of the greatest fellowship times I have ever been blessed to be a part of. Pastor Gene is an amazing man of God, and spoke directly into my life in ways I still cannot understand. I was able to build wonderful friendships with all these people, and it just affirms to me how much the body of believers really truly is FAMILY–and how much we are blessed by being together. It is awesome!

So we got snowed into Seattle from last Thursday night until Today (Monday)–and it was literally a wonderful retreat! We didn’t come home earlier because of road conditions (LOTS and LOTS of snow!) I still can’t believe how everything worked out. Sunday morning I was scheduled to lead worship at New Life Bible Church in Kenmore, Wa, but the whole church service was cancelled as well, due to snow conditions. So that left us to simply enjoy being with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ…and it was simply that.

Anyway–though the show was canceled, I learned a great deal about how much I love being a part of such a vast family. I cannot even begin to thank Jesus enough for what He did for my mom and I this weekend–and I am pretty sure that the rest of the guys in the band would agree with me on this…

As far as rescheduling, we’re talking about Spring time possibly. If you are from Christ Church, thank you so much for your beautiful hearts and willingness to bring me into your church. I cannot wait to come and see you all again soon!! Truly, truly, you blessed me more than you can imagine.

Happy holidays to everyone, and God Bless! I am hoping to post some pictures of this weekend in the next couple days, so bear with me!


ps…I read this today, and it rocked my socks! haha:
Job 48-53:6

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